Jacqueline Fields, MD

Dr. Fields completed her doctorate in medicine at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver in 1993. Prior to that, she studied Nutrition & Human Biology at Colorado Mountain College and earned a bachelor’s in Environmental, Population & Organismic Biology and the University of Colorado, Boulder.

A practicing physician since 1993, Jacqueline Fields is board-certified in both Family Practice and Integrative Holistic Medicine, with additional specialization in Functional Medicine. She trained during medical school with Dr. Andrew Weil and has worked extensively with tribal medicine of various cultures around the world.

In her practice, she utilizes allopathic medicine as well as integrative modalities. She frequently serves as a consulting physician for patients struggling with complex, chronic health conditions.

Drawn to teach people about the natural aspects of healing and to make functional integrative healthcare accessible to people in need, Dr. Fields’ practice of medicine extends well beyond her offices, into the local community and beyond.

In 2003, Dr. Fields founded The Healing Gardens in Fort Collins, Colorado. This holistic integrative medicine center connects a diverse network of collaborating practitioners and resources to meet the health care needs of patients. Overseen by Dr. Fields, The Healing Gardens ecosystem includes the Health Center, Medicinal Store, Living Arts Center, The Healing Gardens Foundation, and the Dr. Fields’ Sacred Skin product line.

"I want healing to begin the moment someone walks into. The Healing Gardens. The people, the environment, the energy, the kindness...these things matter when you’re healing the whole person. The best medicine unites these things with science, nature, insight and experience."
- Dr. Jacqueline Fields

Board Certification

American Academy of Family Practice (AAFP)
American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine

Additional specialization & training
Functional medicine

Doctor of Medicine
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Nutrition & Human Biology
Colorado Mountain College

Bachelor of Arts, Environmental, Population &
Organismic Biology (EPOB)

University of Colorado

Dr. Fields’ Sacred Skin skin products are based on the latest scientific research and plant medicine. Free of the hormone disruptors and toxic ingredients found in most available cosmetics and skin care products, the all-natural, botanical Sacred Skin products are registered with the Campaign for SafeCosmetics.

The Dr. Fields’ Sacred Skin product line continues to grow, with proceeds benefiting the Foundation and, in turn, the Living Arts Center. Through these organizations, Dr. Fields helps finance integrative health care for eligible patients in need and supports a community garden and walking labyrinth, community meeting spaces, health and wellness classes, office space for partner practitioners, and research in functional integrative medicine.

Book Forwards by Dr. Fields

"Leaving For Good" by Joe Eisele
Dr. Fields helped Joe Eiesle process through his addictions and in his journey to running inner balance a renowned addiction center in Loveland, CO

Wrote forwards for the following authors:

"The Burn” by Haylie Pomroy
“What’s Your Menopause Type” by Joseph Collins