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"I want to help people achieve their skin care goals."

Cindi, the in-house aesthetician here at Dr. Fields, shares some words about her favorite products and the benefits of choosing the right skin care.

Clara's testimonial

Our customer and avid yogi Clara explains the importance of a toxin-free based skincare routine from Dr. Fields Sacred Skin Care Line

Caitlin's testimonial

Our customer and expecting mother Caitlin describes her routine and experience using all-natural and toxin-free skin care line from Dr. Fields

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The reason for my email is because I've been on this skin healing journey with my Grace.

So many tears, so many products that just did nothing. You both were so encouraging to her with her GF/Dairy free diet but after two months it helped a bit with her acne, but then got worse again.

She was taking supplements for months to help heal her gut until she had a terrible case of Strep...that protocol was also hard for her as she had to take like 24 pills a day. 

THEN, while I was at Dr. Fields medicinal store getting my Vitamin C, D3, etc., I started chatting with a sweet lady. She shared her success with Dr. Fields Sacred Skin and I was like, well....I've tried EVERYTHING else, and in this case LOVED that the ingredients were so clean and high quality.

So long story short, Grace's skin has DRAMATICALLY cleared up with little diet change and I wanted to show you a before and now picture she sent me today!!! She has her smile back too!!! Its been almost two months now. 

Right side of photo is now! I could just cry with thankfulness!"

Dr. Fields’ Sacred Skin Customer

“I love Sacred Skin care products because it’s like nutrition for my face. I use the Daily Cleanser, daily, and when I want to exfoliate. I follow the cleanser with a little vitamin C with caffeine serum and then the anti-aging peptide lotion. The whole regime takes minutes and it leaves my skin soft and balanced. I feel like it makes me glow!”

Kari, Dr. Fields’ Sacred Skin Customer

“Every time I put on my sacred skin lotion I feel like I’m doing myself a kindness. Like eating a healthy delicious meal. No other cream feels this good. It’s so nourishing and I glow from the inside out!”

Dr. Christa Smith, Dr. Fields’ Sacred Skin Customer

“I borrowed my good friend’s face cream while she was visiting me in Mexico. What a delight! As soon as I put it on my face it felt like good nourishment for my skin. The smell is delightful, light and not perfumey at all. I liked it so much my girlfriend left it for me as a gift! Such a good friend!! Every time I use it it feels like medicine for my body. :-) Can’t wait to buy more!”

Jenny Glick, Dr. Fields’ Sacred Skin Customer

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Anti Aging Peptide Lotion 1oz.

Anti-Acne Package
Anti-Acne Package
Anti-Acne Package

Anti-Acne Package

Anti-Aging Peptide Lotion
Anti-Aging Peptide Lotion
Anti-Aging Peptide Lotion

Anti-Aging Peptide Lotion

Antioxidant Enriched Face-Lift
Antioxidant Enriched Face-Lift
Antioxidant Enriched Face-Lift

Antioxidant Enriched Face-Lift